The aim of Drama at Acton High School is to develop a discipline and focus within each student so that they grow into effective and sympathetic communicators on and off the stage. Throughout KS3 students are given chance to explore many different techniques, skills and focuses. We aim to promote self-discovery and risk taking which will allow the students to grow in confidence, express themselves well, work in teams, and tackle the challenges of the world at large.

What kinds of learning experiences do students have in Drama at Acton High School?

  • Being creative, being spontaneous, using their initiative, taking the lead
  • Being adventurous, taking risks, developing the ability to cope with change
  • Learning how to listen, how to memorise, using non-verbal and verbal forms of communication
  • Recognising the transferable skills that Drama can bring.
  • Exploring the unfamiliar, celebrating cultural diversity, challenging their own cultural perceptions
  • Working with and watching others, making a positive contribution to the classroom, the school and the wider community
  • Organising learning, independence, tenacity, self-management, forward planning, self-confidence, perseverance, self-motivation
Details of Acton High School's Drama curriculum are available below.

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