Eco-Warriors is a Stretch and Challenge club with the mission of making Acton High School green, clean and sustainable. The club is part of the international award winning Eco-Schools programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of school life. The Eco-Warriors aim to meet the nine topics of Eco-Schools, which include:

  • Energy - To reduce the amount of energy used to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Water - To explore the problems of a ‘water crisis’ and other issues surrounding water supply. 
  • Biodiversity - To try to increase the biodiversity within school.
  • School Grounds - To ensure that the school grounds are used effectively and kept clean. 
  • Healthy Living - To ensure that pupils are aware of what a ‘healthy diet’ is.
  • Transport - To encourage eco-friendly transport.
  • Litter - To reduce the amount of litter on site.
  • Waste - To reduce/monitor the amount of waste from the school grounds.
  • Global Citizenship - To teach skills, values, attitudes and knowledge that will allow pupils to participate in a truly global society.

Current and Past Projects

Eco Warriors win further funding

In November 2015 Acton High’s Eco Warriors successfully pitched for further funding from the Mayor’s Fund for London that will be used to install water butts in the school’s memorial garden.

The Eco Warriors pitched to a panel of judges that included Acton High alumnus Jamal Edwards MBE, who had visited the school to see the project the previous month. Jamal also presented the group with their cheque.

Opening of Memorial Garden and Allotment

The Memorial Garden and Allotment developed by Acton High's Eco Warriors were officially opened on 30 June 2015. The sites, created in memory of late Headteacher Mandy Golding, were opened with the planting of a tree and speeches by students, staff and Mandy's husband. Guests also enjoyed a performance by Acton High's talented jazz musicians.

City Pitch Success

Acton High School's Eco-Warriors have pitched for and won a £1,000 grant for the school from City Pitch, part of the Mayor's Fund for London, to create a memorial garden for late Headteacher, Ms Golding, as well as an eco-friendly allotment.

Budding Gardeners Competition

Acton High School’s Eco-Warriors have shown their ecological knowledge and enthusiasm to create a garden for the ‘Budding Gardeners Competition’ at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Wisley Gardens on Thursday 22nd May 2014.

Waste Week 2014

Waste Week 2014 is the 10-14th March, during which the Eco-Warriors with address some of the issues of waste in school. The recycling bins will be labelled to show what can be recycled in school. There will also be a plastic bottle recycling bin placed in the playground for this week.

Click here to read more about Waste Week

How To Be An Ethical Designer

The Eco-Warriors rose to the challenge of designing and producing ethical garments made exclusively from second hand clothes. Students came toschool with their old trousers, ill fitting t-shirts and tired jumpers, and left with brand new, handmade and designed ethical clothing.

Travel Survey

The Eco-Warriors conducted a travel survey to investigate how students act Acton High School travel to school. Although we were pleased to find that many of you use public transport, we were disappointed that so few cycle to school.

Click here to read more about the Travel Survey

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