Acton High School was founded over 100 years ago in 1906. The school owes its creation to local people's efforts to improve conditions for the growing number of young people in Acton. Over a century later and Acton High School remains at the centre of the community. The following research into the school's history resulted from a special year long collaborative project between the local Acton History Group, local historian Maureen Colledge, Borough Archivist Dr Jonathan Oates and Acton High School students and staff. 

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The First School: 1906

The first school was opened in 1906 and named Acton County School. It was designed by Mr A. Hessell Tiltman, F.R.I.B.A, and built by local builder Mr G. Bollom. It was sited in Woodlands Park and much of the building can still be seen today on the Mill Hill Road side.

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All Change: 1940s - 1980s

During the 1940s to the 1980s it was all change for the school, including the admission of girls, the change from grammar school to comprehensive school, and the change of name to Reynolds High School. There was also the first of two Royal visits!

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War and the School: 1914 - 1918, 1939 - 1945

During the second world war children were evacuated with the school. Some stayed in Acton though for their GSE examinations and in 1944 three double bugs (flying bombs) went over the school during just one exam paper!

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The Olympics Come to School: 1948

Nicknamed the “Austerity Olympics", teams were put up in local schools and Acton High School hosted the Iraq, Iran and Pakistan teams. Schoolrooms were converted to dormitories and lounges, and the hall was used as a dining room!

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The New School: Today

The current award winning build was opened in 2006, with the addition of the Sixth Form building in 2012. You can complete a virtual tour of the new school buildings by following the link below.
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Celebrating 100 Years of History

This research project into Acton High School lasted a year and gave today’s students the opportunity to learn about events in the 20th Century as they affected students, staff and their families. The school held an exhibition on the project in Summer Term 2013.

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