I Am Learning is a games based revision and assessment system which engages learners, making them want to learn both in and outside of school; supporting revision, study, knowledge consolidation, assessment and exam practice; raising results.

A few highlights:

  • Learning Platform Integration
  • Over 50,000 questions
  • Growing community with 15,000 questions
  • Homework / Task Setting
  • Wide Range of Reports
  • Teacher Authoring Tools

To log on to I Am Learning you will need the centre ID for Acton High (ACTW3), a user ID and a password.

Username: Same as the student's Fronter username
Password: DDMMYYYY - i.e. 8 digit date of birth (if you were born on the 7th of March, 1995, so password would be 07031995).

A member of staff can check logins, and reset passwords for students.

The login box is located in the top right corner of I Am Learning’s homepage

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