LEVEL OF ENTRY 2 tiers: -
Extended (Higher) Grades available A* to E
Core (Foundation): Grades available C to G
METHOD OF ASSESSEMENT Examination comprising the following:
Reading and writing paper 70%
Listening paper 30%
Oral assessment Grade 1 to 5
LENGTH OF COURSE & NUMBER OF LESSONS PER CYCLE 2 years: 5 lessons per cycle

What you will study

Students whose first language is other than English have the opportunity to study for the IGCSE in ESL.

The IGCSE in ESL is an internationally recognised qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge. During the course you will practise and develop your English language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), whilst expanding your knowledge of a variety of contemporary topics. The course is particularly well suited to those of you who would like more time to improve your English language and literacy skills, and as such it will help you to improve your usage of the English language in the different subjects that you take during Years 10 and 11.

What skills you will need to succeed

  • reading for gist and detail;
  • listening for gist and detail;
  • writing for different purposes (letters, articles, summaries, note-taking);
  • ability to communicate effectively and participate in oral discussions;
  • problem solving;
  • teamwork and;
  • time management.

What you can do at the end of the course

The qualification prepares you well for the next steps in your education, including progression to Further Education courses. The IGCSE in ESL at grade C or above is accepted by universities both in the UK and abroad as suitable proof of competency in the English language for the purposes of undergraduate study. The IGCSE also equips you with skills highly sought after by employers.

What subjects link well with this subject

The IGCSE in ESL helps students' ability to succeed in all available subjects, particularly those with high language and literacy demands.

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