How Should Parents Communicate With The School?

Communication lines to be followed:

The first point of contact for parents, depending on the nature of the concern, is with the Tutor, the relevant Year Team Leader or Deputy Year Team Leader. They will be able to direct you to the right person to contact if they are unable to help.

If you have a general enquiry you can contact us by email or by telephone.

Staff can be contacted by e-mail by using their first initial and surname followed by – so the email address of a teacher called Joe Bloggs would be Click here for a list of key staff members.

If you contact us by telephone the reception staff will be able to answer your query or refer you on to someone who can.

If you telephone the school and ask to speak with the relevant person, please note that not all teachers have offices or phone extensions and you may have to leave a message with reception.

Best time to contact school:

08:00am to 08:30am – before school
11:30am to 12.00 am – Break time
1.15pm to 2.00pm – Lunch time
After 3:30pm

Although these are the periods when the majority of the staff are available, they may have other commitments (such as meetings or training sessions) at these times.

Make good use of the student planner as a direct means of communication with your child’s tutor. There is a space at the end of each week where you can write a note to the tutor or to a subject teacher. We also ask that you sign the planner each week to indicate that you have checked homework.

Please do not be disappointed if you have not been able to make contact the first time you call – teachers do have heavy timetable commitments and it is not always possible for them to take or make telephone calls. Do leave a message on the voicemail giving your name, telephone number, e-mail address wherever possible and a time when you might be available.

In order to avoid disappointment and a wasted journey, we strongly advise parents not to come to school to see a member of staff without having first made an appointment.

Each Key Stage is line-managed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. If your concern is of a nature that it is not possible for the Year Team Leader, Tutor or Subject Teacher to address, you should speak to the relevant Senior Leadership Team member.

The reception staff will be able to direct you to the relevant member of staff.

If you still feel that the matter has not been sufficiently dealt with you can put your concerns in writing to the Head. If it is an urgent or delicate matter you can arrange an appointment to see the Head through his Personal Assistant (PA). The Head’s PA will ensure that you have followed the line of communication outlined above before offering you an appointment. You can email the Head’s PA by clicking here. All matters addressed to the Head will be logged.

If you wish to make a complaint about a member of staff this should be made in writing to the Head.


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