Founded in 2012, Acton High School’s International Day is held each year. It celebrates the wide cultural diversity of Acton High and our students’ role as global citizens. The day broadens students’ horizons and affords opportunities for them to learn more about their contemporaries’ cultures, food and languages, while forming a greater understanding of their own place in the wider community.

Students and staff are encouraged to come to school dressed in traditional dress for their country of origin, with the best costume chosen at a whole-school assembly and awarded a prize. The day includes a special exhibition at which staff and students host stalls with displays, food and music. Students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in a wide array of workshops, sampling activities and learning new skills.

International Day 2017

Acton High’s 2017 International Day – the annual event celebrating the diversity of the school community – took place on Tuesday 11th July. It saw students and staff dressing in national costumes, colours and sports kits and students participating in workshops and activities.

An exhibition of stalls offered students a glimpse into the cultures, and in many cases a taste of some of the popular foods, of the many exhibiting countries. Countries represented included: Australia, Canada, China, Greece, Grenada, India, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Poland, Scotland, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago and Wales. Visitors to the exhibition were tasked with completing an ‘International passport’ which required them to visit the stalls and research facts and figures about the nations.

 Workshops and activities included making international street food, djembe drumming, Latin dancing, Islamic design and African art.

The culmination of the day was a showcase at which students gave presentations about their country of origin and demonstrations of activities and customs including Greek dancing and Karate. The showcase ended with a parade of the most impressive costumes on display during the day and prizes being awarded for the best three. Top prize went to Year 9 Sinthuja Vijayakumaran, representing Sri Lanka, with students representing Nigeria and Poland coming second and third respectively.



International Day 2016

In 2016 International Day took place on Wednesday 22nd June. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 participated in activities including Djembe drumming, French cooking, Latin dancing and Sushi making. The prize in the annual competition for the best national dress went to students representing Libya.

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