Leadership Team

The full list of Senior Leadership team members is below. Staff can be contacted by e-mail by using their first initial and surname followed by @actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk - so the email address of a teacher called Joe Bloggs would be JBloggs@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk.

Lead responsibilities, and subject, key stage and year group attachments are indicated in brackets.

Headteacher Ken Mackenzie 
Deputy Headteacher

Debbie Light (Teaching and Learning)

Beck Salmon (Inclusion and Behaviour)

Gillian Stewart (Student Progress and Outcomes)

Assistant Headteachers 

Dan Summers (Learning, Progress and Outcomes: Years 6 to 8)

Tracy Slatford (Learning, Progress and Outcomes: Years 9 to 10)

Jennifer Lok (Learning, Progress and Outcomes: Years 11 to 13)

Deepa Kamboj (Learning Across the Curriculum))

Dawn Mason (Staff Development and Service Provision)

Dee Ryan (Extra-curricular Learning Lead)
Heads of Curriculum Area

English: Scott Holtham

Maths: Vivek Jadav

Science: Paul Merton

Business and Economics: Nicola May

Drama: Matt Golledge

English as an Additional Language: Justyna Balawender

Humanities: Stacey Macsorley

Inclusion: Darren Stevenson

ICT and Computing: Adam Hirst

Modern Foreign Languages: Dominic Kearney

Music: Vee Yendoll

PE: Eoin Rocks

SENCO: Natalie Roberts

Social Sciences: Donna Tillotson

Technical and Visual Arts: Hayward Ridley
Year Team Leaders (YTLs)

Year 7: Danielle Quinn & Husnara Khan

Year 8: Mo Hassan

Year 9: Simon Bisiker

Year 10: Marvyn Williams & Natalie Murphy

Year 11: Nathan Davis

Years 12 and 13: Adrian Coyle (YTL 12), Michael Wilmot (YTL 13), Chris Birch (Deputy YTL)

Business Manager  David Carlin
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