Learning a language is incredibly rewarding and should be both challenging and fun. It improves pupils’ social skills, communication and confidence and makes them more open-minded to other people and cultures. Learning a language also helps improve pupils’ ability in English. Finally, languages help your chances of entry into college and university, as well as vastly improving your employment potential.


Mr D KearneyCurriculum Team Leaderdkearney@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk
Ms Z Khadra2iczkhadra@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk
Ms C WilsonTeacher of MFL and Lead Learnercwilson@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk
Miss M GarciaTeacher of MFLmgarcia@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk
Mr R ScottoTeacher of MFLrscotto@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk


Acton High's Quizlet page, featuring vocabulary revision lists compiled by the school's MFL team, is available at: https://quizlet.com/ActonHighMFL.

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