Learning a language is incredibly rewarding and should be both challenging and fun. It improves pupils’ social skills, communication and confidence and makes them more open-minded to other people and cultures. Learning a language also helps improve pupils’ ability in English. Finally, languages help your chances of entry into college and university, as well as vastly improving your employment potential.


Mr D KearneyCurriculum Team Leaderdkearney@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk
Ms Z Khadra2iczkhadra@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk
Ms C WilsonTeacher of MFL and Lead Learnercwilson@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk
Miss M GarciaTeacher of MFLmgarcia@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk
Mr R ScottoTeacher of MFLrscotto@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk


Acton High's Quizlet page, featuring vocabulary revision lists compiled by the school's MFL team, is available at: https://quizlet.com/ActonHighMFL.

Spring Term 2018 Year 11 Revision Classes

Every Year 11 student taking either GCSE French or Spanish is required to attend special intervention sessions that are running between January and the Easter holidays. Your son or daughter has been informed of the sessions they are expected to attend in line with the timetable below:

  • Wednesday lunchtimes – French and Spanish Foundation Tier Students (speaking practice with assistants)
  • Thursday lunchtimes – French and Spanish Higher Tier Students (speaking practice with assistants). Also, Spanish Foundation Tier Students (with Ms Garcia)
  • Fridays 8 – 8.30am – French and Spanish Higher Tier Students and French Foundation Tier Students

In line with the whole school period 5 intervention timetable, MFL sessions will take place on: Thursdays 3.10 – 4:10pm – French and Spanish Foundation and Higher Tier Students.

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