Sixth Form Admissions

Applications to Acton High Sixth Form are welcomed from any applicant for whom there is an appropriate course and who demonstrates a positive attitude to learning, a level of attendance that will support achievement, and a record of conduct that is in keeping with the school code of conduct. 

Course Admission/Criteria

Internal Students

Internal students are actively supported and encouraged to apply to the Sixth Form. Access to courses will be based on the admissions criteria. Students will have an ‘early intentions’ consultation with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Each student will also receive advice and guidance through the Heads of Year and Tutors, and students will be expected to complete an application form with details of predicted grades and related course options. Following receipt of application, each student will have a formal admissions discussion with a member of the Sixth Form Team. Conditional offers will be sent to students. These offers will be based on a student’s predicted grades and their related courses options at that time. Offers are subject to change in accordance with the actual results a student achieves. Access to levels of courses will be based on the following:

  • Actual GCSE grades
  • Admissions criteria – which are course specific
  • Individual student data
  • Advice and guidance of the Sixth Form Team. 

External Students

External students will be admitted onto courses subject to fulfilling all criteria which apply to internal students and subject to spaces being available on the courses which they have applied to follow. Courses will be deemed full when the maximum class size of 15 for science subjects, 18 for practical-based subjects, and 22 for classroom-based subjects, is reached.

The school will look at all students on an individual basis to assess whether they are suitable for the courses chosen. It will be up to the discretion of the Sixth Form team as to which courses students are able to follow. Course options could be subject to change during the autumn term if students are making less than the expected progress or struggling at the level of study they have undertaken. 

Students Causing Concern on Admission

Where a student’s prior effort, punctuality or attendance is a cause for concern, their placement on courses will be on a probationary basis and subject to a written agreement stipulating specific targets that must be achieved. Targets will be reviewed by the Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form) fortnightly, with a formal review at the end of each half term. Failure to meet the targets will result in the student being deemed to have failed his or her probationary period. 

Students from Overseas

Students will be required to show their birth certificate, current passport and all relevant qualifications. The school will consider students’ suitability for the courses they have chosen on an individual basis. It will be up to the discretion of the Sixth Form Team as to which courses students are able to follow. This could be subject to change during the autumn term if students are not making the progress expected of them.

All students MUST have relevant Exam Board slips to confirm their qualifications and photocopies will be taken by the school. Students who fail to produce the appropriate documentation will not be offered a place at Acton High Sixth Form. 

Progress to Year 13

Applicants for A Level courses in Year 13 will have to have achieved a passing grade in the equivalent AS course, and a minimum of three passing grades at AS overall. Students taking two-year vocational courses must be operating at a minimum of a pass in order to progress onto the second year of the course. 

Oversubscribed Courses

Where a course is oversubscribed and additional places cannot be provided, priority will be given to students on roll during the previous academic year, providing they fulfil the individual entry requirements for that course as well as the general entry requirements for courses within the relevant pathway. Where oversubscription remains after these criteria have been applied, first priority will be given to students who have met the application deadline, and second priority will be given to those with higher GCSE or vocational qualification grades that are relevant to the course.

Internal applicants should note that they are not guaranteed a place in Sixth Form. The number of students accepted onto each of our Sixth Form pathways is limited and places will be awarded according to the procedures and criteria set out above. 

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