At Acton High, we believe that a successful Student Council is integral to nurturing responsible, collaborative and proactive young people. The Student Council aims to build a sense of community and strength within the school by complimenting the school’s mission to widen students’ horizons, build confidence and independence and encourage excellence.

Structure of the Council

There is a Junior Leadership Team, made up of eight Year 11 students who manage aspects such as Communication and Fundraising, Peer Mentoring and Student Voice. These students liaise with the Senior Leadership Team (deputies and the head teacher) and feedback innovations and proposals to the main Student Council.

Not only is there a Junior Leadership Team, but within the main Council, there are different 'teams' which are responsible for different areas. These teams include a Displays team who keep both the display board and electronic display up to date, a Promotions Team who are responsible for designing posters and informing the rest of the student body about events and innovations, as well as a Charities and Fundraising Team.

Weekly meetings mean that the Student Council keeps up to date with campaigns and projects, through discussion and debate.

Students as Learning Partners

As a school, we recognise that students become successful learners through the reflection, questioning and collaboration.

The Future

The Student Council has been flourishing over the past few months and we are looking forward to becoming even more involved in the processes of the school within the next few terms.


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