At Acton High School, we are firm believers that every child matters. As a result, we have a team of representatives from both Key Stage 3 and 4 who are dedicated in promoting Student Voice. The student representatives aim to build a sense of community and strength within the school by complementing the school’s mission to widen students’ horizons, build confidence and independence and encourage excellence.

Structure of Representatives

The Student Voice team is comprised of approximately 35 student Prefects in Year 11, 25 representatives from Year 10 and form representatives from Key Stage 3.

Our team of fully trained and dedicated Prefects aid with day-to-day activities such as lunchtime duties, open mornings and acting as general role models for our younger students. Our Prefects also help out at Parents’ Evenings, charity events, school-wide showcases such as the Black History Month showcase, and visiting other schools to promote and assist in the ethos of Acton High.

Our wonderful Year 10 representatives help with school tours, lunch duties and meet frequently to discuss the students’ voice side of the school. Meanwhile, our recently appointed Key Stage 3 form reps promote charity events in their respective college.

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