Transition from Primary School

The transition from primary to secondary school is important in the lives of children and their families. At Acton High School we have a robust system to ensure all students will have a successful transition and to help students and parents minimise anxiety about the change. 

We want all students who choose Acton High school to get used to their new routines and school organisation with great ease; develop new friendships and improve their self-esteem and confidence. By providing a wider choice of subjects, we intend to extend their interest in school and school work. We aim to enrich students’ learning experience in secondary education by providing them with opportunities and challenges, along with the practical skills and knowledge to be confident in fully accessing these post-transition. We will ensure that students will have the tools and emotional resilience to manage this transition. We will make sure all students will continue to make academic progress, to achieve and to enjoy learning. As a result, students’ motivation, positive attitudes and self-image as learners are maintained and developed.

Workshops for primary schools

To help prepare students in primary school for this transition, we offer all of our local feeder schools a range of workshops and special days. These free-of-charge events are specially designed to engage primary students’ imagination and provide the opportunity for them to come to Acton High to experience secondary school teaching while meeting and collaborating with current students. Sessions including Crime Scene Investigations, Drama and Reading workshops and our Eco-Warriors Day have proved popular so far this year. We also offer bespoke English workshops that deliver Key Stage 3 orientated lessons to those of a higher ability. Parents are often asked to be involved or invited to come along to the showcases at the end of event days. You can find out more about the programme in our brochure here.

Welcome Evening

A Welcome Evening for parents and carers of students who will be joining us as Year 7 students in September 2018 will be held on Thursday 28th June. 

Induction Day

An Induction Day for incoming students will be held the following day, Friday 29th June. There will be taster lessons throughout the day and students are advised to please remember to bring their PE kits. The Induction Day is an opportunity for students to make new friends and meet our staff. A senior member of staff and the Transition Co-ordinator will make arrangements with your primary school to visit and meet students in person before the Induction Day. Our learning support department will also work closely with your primary school to obtain relevant information to support your child's learning.

Key dates for students joining in Year 7 in September 2018

  • May 2018 – Welcome pack delivered to all families who have accepted a place at AHS based on information from Ealing borough. 
  • May/June 2018 – Acton High staff visit your child’s primary school to speak to students and their teacher 
  • June 2018 – SEN students will be given appointment time to see senior staff.  Other families can make appointments through Katie Cull to see senior staff if they wish to discuss any aspect of the transition process. Please contact Katie at: 
  • Thursday 28th June – Welcome event (5:30pm) where parents and carers can meet Heads of Department, SEN staff, G&T coordinator, Pupil Premium coordinators, Student welfare, EAL team. 
  • Friday 29th June 2018 – Induction Day. Please drop your son or daughter off at the school gates after 8:45am for a 9am start. Collect them from the gates at 3pm. They should wear their primary school uniform and their coloured sticker.
  • July/August 2018 – uniform will be available for fitting/ordering. More information and opening times to be published soon. 
  • Friday 14th September 2018 (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE)  – first day of term for Year 7. Arrive for 9.45 start. Day ends at 2pm.
  • Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st September 2018 – CATS tests.  These are short tests that give us a clear idea of how your son or daughter learns best.
If you have any queries, please contact:
Mr D Summers, Assistant Headteacher:
Ms H. Taylor, Transition Co-ordinator:
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