Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to the Acton High School website and to the autumn term. We are delighted to welcome our new yr 7 and 12 students, all of whom have settled into this new phase of their educational journey very quickly. It is a time of great change at Acton High—all our students are wearing their new uniform with pride; a quarter of our staff are new and have taken up posts at every level; our pastoral restructure and introduction of vertical tutoring has been a great success so far—and we are looking forward to a transformative year. Last summer we secured our best ever A-level results while we were also delighted with our improved GCSE outcomes, especially in English and maths.

This term we are welcoming primary families into school as they choose a secondary school. I invite you al to come during one of our open mornings to see the school and the students in action--I have every confidence that you will be impressed. Acton High is changing and we want to show off how good we are getting to as many people as possible.

Acton High is very proud of the fact that it has been serving the community and educating the young people of west London for over one hundred years. We are a community comprehensive with students from all backgrounds in the school. The rich and diverse student body enjoy state-of-the art facilities and a curriculum that prepares them for life as leaders in the 21st century.

At Acton High School we are in the business of giving students the qualifications, skills and experiences necessary for them to take charge of their destinies. For some of our students this means studying at some of the top universities in the country, while for others it will be to secure a high quality apprenticeship or to go off to college to follow vocational qualifications leading to employment. The school’s ambitions and expectations for all its students are the same, regardless of background, prior achievements or ambition—we will challenge, support and develop all our students to excel. We do not accept excuses and will ensure that all barriers to learning are removed or overcome.

Acton High is a values-based and values-driven school; The Acton Way is the foundation of the work we do with every student. Underpinning the Acton Way is our key value of ASPIRE and this means that all students: Achieve; Stand Together; Persevere; Imagine; Respect; Excel. We recognise and embrace our duty to ensure that all students secure best possible qualifications; we are firm in our belief that those qualifications will be of little help to those who do not have the skills, values and attributes required to succeed in our complex, dynamic society. By promoting a clear set of values at all times and in all that we do we believe that Acton High students leave school ready to contribute fully and positively to their community and society at large.

Similarly, the staff at Acton High School are driven by values. Every day we ask ourselves: “would this be good enough for my child”. This is the standard we apply to all that we do and we refuse to accept anything that we would not be happy for our own children to experience.

You will see all aspects of our vibrant and dynamic school in our website. We have a small number of places for students in some year groups. If you would like to consider Acton High School for your own child please do contact school to arrange a visit.

Headteacher: Ken Mackenzie



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