Work Experience

Acton High School aims to ensure that all students leave our school equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in the world of work. With this in mind we encourage our Year 10 students to identify, secure and complete a work experience placement. These placements are undertaken in the Summer Term and last for one week.

For students, work experience provides an insight into the working world, teaches them more about what to expect of life after school and provides a valuable addition to their CV. For some, it will also provide an exciting opportunity to gain an insight into a specific career in which they are interested.

For employers, students undertaking placements provide flexible, extra support for their work and help establish relationships with young, local talent. In some cases, placements result in further periods of work experience and employment.

In recent years Acton High students have undertaken placements at organisations across both commercial and not-for profit organisations including Barclays, British Airways, Ealing Libraries, Baker Hughes, the Lyric Theatre at Hammersmith, embassies and a number of local primary schools.  Students who are unable to secure a good quality work experience placement will attend school for a week of work related learning activities.

If you are an employer who is interested in taking a work experience student, please contact Acton High School’s Work-related Learning Officer Ms Stocks.

Work Experience in 2018

In the 2017–18 academic year, Year 10 students will be undertaking their placements in the week of Monday 9th to Friday 13th July 2018. Students who are keen to secure a work experience placement should start their search as soon as possible by speaking with friends and family or contacting potential employers directly. The 3 forms (available to download below or from Ms Stocks) that are necessary in order for a work experience placement to take place are:
Student’s Own Find Placement Form
Parent Consent form
Placement Health and Safety checklist

These forms must all be completed and returned to Ms Stocks by 4pm on Friday 26th January. Students can get help and advice during lunch breaks and after school from Ms Stocks. Her office is on the ground floor of Piccadilly.

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