Leadership Team

The full list of Senior Leadership team members is below. Staff can be contacted by e-mail by using their first initial and surname followed by @actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk - so the email address of a teacher called Joe Bloggs would be JBloggs@actonhigh.ealing.sch.uk.

Lead responsibilities, and subject, key stage and year group attachments are indicated in brackets.


Headteacher Ken Mackenzie 
Deputy Headteacher

Gillian Stewart

Assistant Headteachers 

Dan Summers (Learning, Progress and Outcomes: Years 6 to 8)

Tracy Slatford (Learning, Progress and Outcomes: Years 9 to 10)

Jennifer Lok (Learning, Progress and Outcomes: Years 11 to 13)

Deepa Kamboj (Learning Across the Curriculum))

Dawn Mason (Staff Development and Service Provision)

Remi Moynihan (Science and Maths)

Dee Ryan (Extra-curricular Learning Lead)
Heads of Curriculum Area

English: Scott Holtham

Science: Jitendra Jani

Business and Economics: Nicola May

Drama: Matt Golledge

English as an Additional Language: Justyna Balawender

Humanities: Nicholas Taylor

Maths: Vivek Jadav

Inclusion: Darren Stevenson

Media, ICT and Computing: Adam Hirst

Modern Foreign Languages: Dominic Kearney

Music: Vee Yendoll

PE: Eoin Rocks

Technical and Visual Arts: Hayward Ridley
Year Team Leaders (YTLs)

Year 7: Alastair Clark

Year 8: Mo Hassan

Year 9: Simon Bisiker

Year 10: Marvyn Williams

Year 11: Nathan Davis

Years 12 and 13: Adrian Coyle (YTL 12), Michael Wilmot (YTL 13), Chris Birch (Deputy YTL)

Business Manager  David Carlin
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