Catch-Up Pupil Premium 2015–16

Acton High School received £23,500 of Catch-up Pupil Premium in 2015–16. This funding is designed to support those students entering secondary education on levels below 4 in English and/or Maths to ensure that they become ‘secondary ready’ in these key areas as quickly as possible.

At Acton High, this money has been used to fund additional provision within the school, primarily through the creation of our Diploma Group, but also through the posts of English and Maths Teaching Assistants, subsidies for the Shine Saturday School (through payment of the salary of the member of staff charged with organising and running the Shine programme – only part of which is covered by the current funding arrangement). We also provide additional literacy and numeracy support through our Inclusion team, who work with several of the students in the sub-level 4 group.

The latest school data, using Acton High’s new KS3 assessment format for 2015, shows that the funded students are outperforming other students in terms of progress within English from a baseline established by in-school testing. In Maths, the funded group are making less rapid progress than the rest of the cohort.

The end of year data for 2014–15, using the National Curriculum Levels assessment format, shows that funded students in both English and Maths outperformed other students in terms of progress:

The provision in 2014-15 for the funded group was very similar to that being offered in 2015–16. This provision is under continual review and will be adjusted for 2016–17.

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